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Fayetteville-Manlius Schools
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The Board of Education is the official policy-making body of the school district. It is responsible for carrying out the laws and regulations pertaining to the education of our children. The Board adopts school district policy, curriculum, programs of study, and approves the hiring of all personnel as well as establishing the conditions of employment. In addition, the Board has the responsibility to maintain facilities and establish an annual budget and tax rate. The school district budget is adopted by the school board at a public meeting each year and is then approved by the voters. An individual board member has no more authority than any other qualified voter of the district. It is only when acting as a body, that it has authority.

The F-M Board of Education is comprised of nine school district residents who are elected by voters to three-year terms in the annual election. Terms are staggered so that three members are elected each year. They are not compensated for their work as Board members. At the annual organizational meeting in July, the Board elects a president and vice-president and appoints Board committees for the new school year.

Committees meet on an ad hoc basis to review specific operational functions and to make recommendations to the entire Board as necessary. Seated with the Board at meetings are the Superintendent of Schools, the Assistant Superintendent for Personnel, the Assistant Superintendent for Instruction, the Assistant Superintendent for Special Services, and the Assistant Superintendent for Business Services.

The Board of Education welcomes your attendance at Board meetings. The agenda provides an opportunity for residents to offer comments to the Board during the public comment session.

For more information, please contact Sarah Gridley.