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The terms “school facilities” are defined as school buildingand grounds or parts thereof. Application for use of facilities must be made by all outside organizations even if they are sponsored by an HSA/STPA.


Application for use of auditorium, gymnasium, athletic field, cafeteria, classroom or other facility shall be made on the Fayetteville-Manlius district website. The online application will be submitted and the district will confirm approval. Fees associated with use of district facilities are posted on the website. The online application can be found under the community icon on the website and is entitled Facility Use form.  If use of a kitchen is requested, the Cafeteria Supervisor shall approve the application. The District’s food service shall be allowed to provide a price quotation for functions involving food service.


A separate application for rental of the Athletic Stadium can be accessed from the district website.

Confirmation for use of a facility must be secured by the applicant before use is assured. If conflicting applications for use of a facility are submitted, the organization higher in the priority listing within Policy 9100 will receive preference. The Assistant Superintendent for Business Services will adjudicate any dispute as to use of facilities. No facility will be reserved for any organization or group on a year-to-year basis.


No vendors or outside groups will be permitted to use the District’s Facilities during the school day unless it is part of an educational program that has been approved by a Principal.


The approval is subject to acceptance and compliance with all rules and instructions issued by staff.

All participants in an organization’s use of a school facility, to include visitors, must comply with the

Fayetteville-Manlius Code of Conduct and specifically adhere to the section pertaining to” Public Conduct at School Events” on page 29-30.


(Link to: Code of Conduct)


Make available electronic copy of Code of Conduct.  Responsibility of requestor to review Code of Conduct.


A copy of the Code, or a summary thereof, shall accompany the approval form to the organization. Charges for use will be established by the Assistant Superintendent for Business Services. A Certificate of Insurance must accompany all applications.


Rules governing the use of facilities include, but are not limited to:





Request to use “school facilities” must be submitted not more than three (3) months in advance of the first date of use and not less than two (2) weeks in advance on forms provided by proper officials.









A Certificate of Insurance and payment is required of all outside groups requesting the use of our Athletic Stadium. The Fayetteville-Manlius Central School District will be listed as additional insured and contain a provision that coverages afforded the policies will not be cancelled, not renewed or coverages diminished until at least sixty (60) days prior written notice has been given to the District. The certificate shall have not less than $1,000,000 bodily injury liability and $2,000,000 property damage liability (broad form) for each occurrence and in aggregate. Certificates may be faxed to 315-692-1029 or emailed to Facilityuse@fmschools.org



Sales, displays, exhibits, scenery, and decorations require approval of the Assistant Superintendent for Business Services.



Smoking, including electronic smoking devices and vaping, alcoholic beverages, charcoal grills, and gambling are prohibited on school property.



All local ordinances and traffic regulations must be obeyed. Parking on school property only. No parking in fire lanes.


Sneakers must be worn for all gymnasium activities.



When a kitchen is used, a food service employee shall be in attendance to act in a supervisory capacity. Kitchen equipment must only be operated by or under the supervision of cafeteria personnel (Additional fees apply).


Events that serve food for a fee shall notify the Health Department in advance.



Each organization must furnish its own aprons, towels, and clean-up cloths and all leftovers must be disposed of.



Activities must be conducted only at the times specified and approved in the application. Activities shall be restricted to the areas agreed upon and approved. Please keep a copy of your approval with you when using the facility. Groups or individuals using the facility without approval may be subject to arrest for trespassing.


Adult supervision is required. Additional school supervision may be necessary for large groups.




The renting organization’s supervisor is in charge of the activity and security. This person is required to be present ½ hour before the activity begins and remain on-site until the participants and spectators have left.  If the school doors are locked, the supervisor is responsible for coordinating entry into the building.  Doors may not be propped open at anytime. This supervisor is also responsible for ensuring that participants stay in designated areas. If any aspect of this rule is violated the district reserves the right to deny future applications.



The organizations using the stadium shall be responsible for bringing their own equipment in and out of the facility.



If any equipment is damaged or broken, it is the responsibility of the lessee to have it repaired or replaced at full value.



Rules are clearly posted around the stadium and must be followed. All district signage must be observed.



All facility users must comply with any direction or instruction provided by a school district representative.


Anyone bringing balls, skateboards, etc. to the Athletic Stadium will have these items confiscated at the gate.



Dogs are not permitted on school property.


Final approval will be given and cost estimate mailed after all required documentation has been received. 


A final invoice will be sent after your event which may vary from the estimate based on the actual hours and/or chargeable services used. If fees are not paid in a timely manner the district reserves the right to deny future applications.



No personal vehicles are permitted at any time on athletic fields or grassy areas. No exceptions.


Facility use requests are subject to change or cancellation if district building needs arise.


Be aware of AED devices available on field and school maps.

Athletic Maps with AED locations


Facility use is only permitted when student activities are not taking place.
25. Tennis courts may be reserved at the High School depending on availability. All other courts are permitted to be used on a first come, first serve basis.

Facility use requestors that charge any fees for admission must adhere to Board of Education policy.


An admission fee may be only charge only if:

  • the meeting is open to the public;
  • the proceeds accrue to an educational or charitable purpose; and
  • a proposed budget an an accounting of finances are furnished upon request.

To clarify this policy:

If any group that uses the facility charges an admission fee, they must pay the district a minimum fee of $5.00 per student participant.


In addition to the minimum fee of $5.00 per student participant that is paid to the district, any group that charges an admission fee must donate a portion of the fee (minimum of 15% to the total admission fee) to a recognized parent organization including: home school associations, the High School STPA, Backstage Backers, All-Sports Booster Club, or the F-M Education Foundation.


Town of Manlius or village-sponsored events or programs are not required to make a donation but shall pay the district a minimum fee of $5.00 per student participant.


Athletic Stadium Supplement


Other school districts use of Fayetteville-Manlius Athletic Stadium


Facility Entrance-Contact the Athletic Office at 315-692-1919




Teams wishing to have media present for a contest must see the media representative contacts the Fayetteville-Manlius Athletic Department directly to make arrangements.  Designated areas have been established for use by the media.


Team Filming


Our press box has a designated area for team filming.  Please contact the Fayetteville-Manlius Athletic Department for details.


Locker Rooms-Contact the Athletic Office at 315-692-1919.




Pep bands and cheerleading squads are more than welcome at Athletic Stadium.  Please inform the Fayetteville-Manlius Central School District Athletic Department if either of these support groups plan to attend and if any special arrangements are needed.


Cheerleaders are reminded that they must remain on the field surface and are not allowed to cheer from the track.  Twisting on the rubber track surface will cause damage to the track composition.  Thank you for your cooperation.


Signs and Banners


Displaying signs and/or banners to support the team of your choice may be done on the front bleacher railings only.  No other areas of the stadium are to be used for posting signs.  Signs must be in good taste with only positive statements encouraging your team.


Artificial Noise Makers


As outlined by Section III, any artificial noisemaker is prohibited at interscholastic athletic events and will not be allowed into the stadium (i.e. – thundersticks, coin-filled jugs, air horns, etc.).


Medical Coverage


Teams using the stadium for games are responsible for providing appropriate medical coverage for the contest (i.e. – ATC, EMT, MD).


If renting the facility for practice, the coaches of the school renting will be responsible for basic first aid and CPR.  Those renting teams are also responsible for providing an automated external defibrillator (AED).


Admittance to Playing Field/Track


For practices, only coaches, players and athletic trainers will be allowed on the field.


During contests, only coaches, players, officials, medical staff, team managers, ball persons, scorekeepers (if applicable) and the chain personnel (if applicable) are allowed to enter onto the field, provided that they display their field pass.


There is NO food brought into the field area.  Water, ice and sports drinks will be allowed and should be placed on the appropriately provided tables and/or benches.  DO NOT spill sports drinks on the field or track as it will stain the surface.  Following use of the field, coolers can only be emptied into the drain outside of the stadium and not on the track or field.


Cleats are to be worn only on the field and not on the track.  Anyone entering/exiting the field, must do so by walking on the protective track covering and NOT on the track directly.


Administrative Representation


Each team participating in a contest at our Athletic Stadium is required to have a school administrator present.  The renting school’s athletic director must contact the Fayetteville-Manlius Athletic Department with confirmation as to who will be present at the contest.  Upon arriving at the stadium, this designee should report to the Fayetteville-Manlius Site Coordinator.  Appropriate supervision must be ensured throughout the event.


Concession Stand


The Fayetteville-Manlius Athletic Boosters’ Club is the primary operator of the concession stand.  Please contact the Athletic Director if you wish to request that the concession stand be available.  Concession availability for a specific event is at the discretion of the Booster Club and Athletic Director.


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