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The No Child Left Behind Act of 2001 and Commissioner’s Regulations allow a homeless child or, a person in a parental relationship to a homeless child or, when the homeless child is living in a shelter for runaway or homeless use, the Director of the shelter to designate this District as the District of attendance for the homeless child when this District is either the School District of current location, the School District of origin or is a School District participating in a Regional Placement Plan.


A homeless child or youth is defined in accordance with the No Child Left Behind Act and Commissioner’s Regulations § 100.2 (x).  The term homeless child, however, shall exclude children living in foster care or otherwise placed through a government agency into a family home at board,  school for the mentally retarded, hospital or other institution for care, custody and treatment of children under the direction of the Department of Social Services, Office of Mental Health or the Division of Youth.


Homeless child and youth shall be entitled to access to District programs on the same basis as all other District students.  Homeless student and youth shall be to the extent possible, integrated with non-homeless children.


The School District designates the Assistant Superintendent for Support Programs as the liaison for homeless children and youth for the District.  This person shall be responsible for reporting to the Board of Education on an annual basis the number of homeless children in the District, the placement of these children, and any suggestions for lowering any barriers to enrollment, attendance, school success and retention of homeless children and youth in the District.


The Board of Education hereby directs the liaison for homeless children and youth to establish guidelines for the prompt resolution of disputes regarding school selection or enrollment of homeless children or youth, and prepare documents including a statement regarding the right to an appeal in the instance that the District determines the student does not have a right to attend as a homeless child.


The School District will collect and transmit to the Commissioner of Education in accordance with the Commissioner’s rules, a report containing information the Commissioner determines necessary to assess the educational needs of homeless children and youths.