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The  Board  of  Education  recognizes  that  to  govern  effectively,  it  must  clearly define  why  the district  exists  and  what  it  aspires to  be.    The  Board therefore  adopts  the following mission statement to convey the district’s purpose, and vision to set forth what the district should strive to become in the future.

Mission Statement


Our Mission is to engage, educate, and empower. We will strive to engage all students in the  importance  and  relevance  of  thinking;  to  educate  every  learner  to  communicate, comprehend,  and  collaborate  for  understanding;  and  to  empower  all  in  the  ICSD  to achieve academic excellence. 


We  envision  6,000+  Thinkers.  Thinking  is  foundational  to  the  development  of  self, society  and  democracy.  It  is  the  cornerstone  of  all  creative  ideas;  problem  solving; scientific  discoveries,  innovations  and  social  good.  We  envision  a  bold  community  of 6,000+ Thinkers.